Sunday, August 17, 2008

An Email TO (Part II)

I promptly responded to Eden Nares' email:

Eden, thank you for your very prompt and honest response.

I took the following directly from PhilStar's website:

"From the onset, we at have always prided ourselves in doing our very best to serve YOU, the Filipino global community in the best way we possibly can! We, together with our sister companies ... have, and will continue to, given you unbiased, serious and accurate news and information on and about the Philippines and the world."

To that end, I would like to invite PhilStar to keenly, accurately, and seriously explore further the dealings Narel has made with homeland-based Pinoys and OFWs in constructing their homes. While you advertise Narel on your site, you could also run a series of reports about Narel. Is it fair to plaster Narel's advertisements throughout your various websites, but not to report on their treatment of their clients and the practices they engage in?

To aid PhilStar in this endeavor, I welcome PhilStar to begin their unbiased reporting on Narel by commencing with our dealings with Narel. Your reporting on this matter would be a just and fair service to all Filipinos at home and around the globe, so that they would have a true understanding of this company's (your advertiser's) performance. You may start your reporting with the Garland's house construction in Taytay. Considering the horrific and saddening condition our home is in, we would give PhilStar only the truth, as that is all we really have left.

May I ask: what would PhilStar's credibility be if an unknowing Pinoy contracted with Narel because they saw Narel's ad on PhilStar's website, and then later that same Pinoy has to endure the pain and suffering I and my family have endured at the hands of Narel?

I truly do welcome PhilStar's response. The Pinoys of the world deserve to know the truth. PhilStar prides itself in doing its very best to serve the global Filipino community.

Here is a remarkable opportunity for PhilStar to further that pride and mission statement.

Thank you for your considerations.


To which - I have yet to receive a response to my modest proposal from PhilStar. Maybe, just maybe, it is "in the mail"!

An Email FROM

A response from arrived the following day:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Narel is a new client - we will discuss this matter to them before we allow any renewals should we decide to keep our relationship with them as an advertiser. We highly appreciate your taking time to inform us of this situation.

Thank you. Eden
Best regards,
advertising manager,
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An Email TO (Part I)

From a recent email to several senior members of



Date: Sunday, August 10, 2008 1:53:53 PM

Subject: Narel's Advertisement on Philstar.Com

My Filipina wife and I are consistent readers of Phil Star on-line. Your website is a lifeline for our knowledge on current events and developments in our beloved Philippines. In your Sunday 8/10/08 edition, we saw a large left-side advertisement for the Narel Group of Companies (a.k.a.: Narel). We have personally and recently experienced the displeasure of contracting Narel to construct our home (5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2500 sqf). We did not initially locate Narel in late 2006 via advertisement on Phil Star (published or on-line).

The construction was (and still is!) a complete disaster. Narel turned the house over to us 5 months later than contracted. Narel used sub-standard construction practices and sub-standard materials. Their labor force was unskilled and unlicensed. Narel sent only one (unskilled) laborer to perform the warranty work, and did not provide said laborer the tools and materials necessary to complete the work in a timely manner, thus yielding non-quality and unfinished results! Narel refuses to compensate us for the contracted punitive damages concerning the late turn-over, even though Mr. Christian Relova (Narel's President) provided us a signed compensatory agreement...on the amount they believed owed to us by Narel.

Subsequently, we have retained a Phillipine attorney to file suit against Narel for breach of contract and other merited charges.

I am certainly no one to tell Phil Star who they should accept as advertisers. However, if you continue to use Narel as an advertiser, you are doing a complete, total disservice to your loyal readers - especially to your overseas readers, who may be truly unfamiliar with Narel's practices, deceptions, and false claims.

Substantiating that disservice, please find attached actual representations of Narel's performance. This performance is completely contrary to what they advertise on your website.

If you have any questions regarding the above, feel free to contact me directly, or Ms. NAME DELETED ( [cc'ed] our Special Power-of-Attorney during the construction process) or ... our attorney-in-fact. Thank you for your considerations. I welcome any and all responses.

Narel - Philippine Court of Appeals (2004)

Further evidence of Narel's business practices...

In a nutshell: Narel did not want to re-pay the obliged PhP 63M loan back to the loaning bank, and they didn't want the collateral on the loan to be auctioned off by the bank, in an attempt by the bank to minimize its losses from the deliquent Narel loan.

Typical of Narel. Thank God, for once, the "good guys" won one!

Narel Corporation: Buyer Beware!

Narel Realty & Development Corp. is run by a bunch of crooks! Do yourself a favor and DO NOT LET NAREL BUILD YOUR HOME! Further - if you are looking to purchase an existing structure, DO NOT BUY ONE THAT WAS BUILT BY NAREL!!!

Narel built our home, and it was a DISASTER! Substandard construction practices (This was documented by independent engineers and architects.). Poor quality materials used. Unskilled laborers employed. Did not follow plan and contract. Late turn-over by 5 months.

Christian Relova is a SCAM ARTIST. Romeo del Mundo is a LIAR and a CHEAT. Between the two of them, all they want to do is get the most out of your money – pocketing ill-gotten, quick-schemed profits at YOUR expense. Meaning: they will rip you off any way they can!!!

I repeat: if you get an offer for construction by Narel - RUN AWAY - far and fast! If you do not, you will be very sorry in the long term!